The Main Players


Dave Guard

Dave Guard was born in Hawaii on Oct. 19th, 1934. He attended Honolulu's Punahou School, in the same class as Bob Shane. They both graduated in 1952. Dave's father, a civil engineer and U.S. Army Reserve colonel, encouraged Dave to pursue a career in business. Subsequently, he enrolled in Stanford University where he graduated with a B.A. in Economics in 1956.

While attending Stanford's Graduate School of Business, he formed the Kingston Trio with Bob Shane and Nick Reynolds, and performed with the group until 1961. The Folk Music explosion that Dave helped to create paved the way for artists ranging from Peter, Paul & Mary to Bob Dylan.

Guard then formed the Whiskeyhill Singers, who made a large contribution to the Academy Award winning soundtrack for "How The West Was Won". In 1962, he moved his family to Australia where he taught guitar and hosted his own "Dave's Place" television program.

He would continue to write and teach music, authoring several books including, "Color Guitar" (a method of teaching utilizing color in place of musical notation), "Deirdre" and "Hale-Mano" (books on Celtic and Hawaiian mythology.) He was also active in recording Gabby Pahinui, the legendary Hawaiian slack guitarist, producing "Pure Gabby" in 1979. Dave Guard died of lymphatic cancer at the age of 57 on March 22, 1991 in Rollinsford, New Hampshire. He is greatly missed.

Bob Shane



Bob was born in Hawaii on Feb. 1, 1934. His father was a successful wholesale distributor of toys and sporting goods who planned that Bob would eventually take over the family business. But Bob was always on the beaches with a ukulele, learning songs of the Polynesian Islands from yachtsmen and Hawaiian friends.

Bob attended Honolulu's Punahou School... the oldest private school west of the Rockies. It was there that he met Dave Guard. In their junior year they formed a group to sing in the junior carnival, performing songs by the Weavers-the most popular folk group of the time. After graduation, Bob went on to Menlo College in California and Dave went to Stanford, a few miles away. In his junior year, Bob met Nick Reynolds at Menlo. They formed a duet and sang at parties, school functions, and sometimes, "beer gardens." Occasionally, Dave joined them as a trio.


After college in 1956, Bob returned to Hawaii to work for his father and learn the family business. Still loving to entertain, he also at that time became the first-ever Elvis impersonator, actually billed as "Hawaii's Elvis." When Nick called a year later and asked to form a trio, Bob was ready. He had always enjoyed singing with Nick and Dave and that year-1957- The Kingston Trio was born.

After over 47 years as part of The Kingston Trio and all it's various configurations, Bob's health has forced him to retire. He now resides in Phoenix with his wife Bobbie, and spends his time relaxing, shooting skeet, antiquing (he loves the Arts & Crafts and Art Deco periods) and going to the casinos in the area.

Nick Reynolds



Nick Reynolds was born in San Diego on July 27th, 1933. His passions as a kid growing up were tennis, skin-diving and singing with his family. His father, a Navy captain, was an avid guitar player who brought back songs from his travels around the world. He taught Nick the guitar and ukulele, and the family spent many nights singing and harmonizing for pure enjoyment.

Nick enrolled in Menlo College in 1954 as a business major, and met Bob Shane in an accounting class. Nick recounts the funny story: "during my first week of school I noticed a student sleeping soundly through a very dull class...I introduced myself to Bobby Shane, and we've been friends ever since!"

When the Trio disbanded in 1967, Nick moved to Oregon where he spent twenty years ranching and raising 4 children. In the mid-eighties he moved back to California, and in 1988 rejoined the Trio. He sang and played with them happily for another 11 years, then retired for the second time in December, 1999. Nick lived comfortably and well in Coronado, California with his wife Leslie for many years until passing away on October 1st, 2008.

John Stewart
John Stewart

John Stewart was born in San Diego on Sept 5th, 1939. Growing up in Southern California, he developed a love of music at an early age. At 19, he recorded his first album with the Cumberland Three. During this time several of his songs were recorded by The Kingston Trio.

When Dave Guard left The Trio in 1961, John was a natural fit. During John's tenure with The Trio, the band had ongoing sucess touring and recording hits such Where Have All The Flowers Gone?, The Reverend Mr. Black, and Greenback Dollar.

After the breakup of The Trio in 1967, John continued to enjoy sucess as a songwriter, performer and recording artist. His songs have been recorded by various artists including Joan Baez, The Four Tops and Stevie Nicks. John's Daydream Believer was a huge hit for both The Monkees & Ann Murray.

John's 1969 LP "California Bloodlines" was chosen by Rolling Stone as one of the 200 best albums of all time. John passed away on January 19th, 2008.