Trio Fantasy Camp 8

Aug. 16th-18th, 2007 Scottsdale, Arizona

Bert Williams Singing With Peter Overly

Fantasy Camp Started Early For Some........Monday To Be Exact!!
Peter Overly And Bert Williams Rehearsed Coast Of California At
Bob Shane's. What A Great Job They Did With This Difficult Song

Trio Fantasy Camp Campers

The Campers Got Us In The Swing Of Things With Their Energy

Dean Reilly, Bob, John, Nick

What A Treat! Dean Reilly Played Bass With Bob, John & Nick

Dean Reilly

Bob Shane And Dean Reilly

Mad Dog And Bob

Dean Reilly, Bob, John, Nick

You Could Feel How Much These Guys Mean To Each Other

Bob, Nick, John

Charlie And The M.T.A. And Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Bob Shane Singing Scotch And Soda

Bob Once Again Nails Scotch And Soda

Travis Edmonson And Bob Shane

Bob & Travis Delighted Us With Everybody Loves A Saturday Night

Tom Delisle

Is Tom Delisle The Best And Funniest MC On The Planet? You Bet!


Tom Delisle And His Martin Felix
Tom Delisle Playing His Martin Felix Guitar

The Bloodliners Surprised Tom Delisle With A Martin Felix Guitar...
Later On He Surprised Us By Singing A John Stewart Song With It


Tom Delisle Gets An Award

The Bloodliners Gave Tom A Cap Too, How Cool!


Henry Diltz
John Stewart

Henry Always Amazes Us With His Talent, John Makes A Pretty Good MC Himself!

Paul Rybolt

Paul Rybolt, Our Unsung Hero...What Would Camp Be Without Him?


Mikey Burns And Bob Shane

And A Camp Without Mikey Burns Is Like A Camp Without Sunshine!!

Some highlights of this year's camp were seeing Scott Carpenter our former Astronaut (he and the Trio go way back as friends), Dean Reilly, the Trio's bass player from the early days, Tom Green, the Trio's drummer for almost 20 years, Larry Ramos of The Association, Travis Edmonson, and all the rest of the special people who make it a point of coming to hang out at camp every year.

And a big thanks especially to those behind the scenes who make it all possible...Art Faller, Dave Batti (who Peter Overly says he would marry because Dave is the Perfect Human Being - and while we're on the subject, we must say that we have it on good authority that P.K. Frawley is an 11 on a scale of 1-10! Doesn't surprise us), Pete Bentley, Paul Rybolt & all the Bloodliners. You make this camp!

And a huge thanks to all the Campers! You guys are great and we never get tired of watching your shows and hearing you sing. The energy you generate is infectious. We make new and wonderful friends every year, and you guys ARE this event, and you make it a special, special time.

Topping a lot of this off are the great jam sessions that go on until 5 a.m. every night, can't say enough about those. And this year we had folks from England, Thailand, Spain and Switzerland! Doesn't get any better than that.

Already we can't wait for Fantasy Camp 9. Is it August 2008 yet? See you all there!

(Thank-you Claudette Delanoeye for supplying some of the pictures!!)