Kingston Trio 50th Anniversary Hawaiian Cruise 2007
Our Commemorative Story In Pictures

January 5-20, 2007

This Photo Gallery Is Dedicated To Darryl Nelson, Who Got Appendicitis
On The First Day And Missed The Whole Event From The Infirmary......    

Darryl Nelson In Infirmary
Darryl Nelson Serenade In Infirmary

Darryl Spent His Cruise In The Infirmary
The Trio Surprised Darryl With A Concert

And With Special Thanks To Doris And Phil Davidoff......
Without Whom This Cruise Could Not Have Happened  

Phil And Doris Davidoff

Photos Courtesy of Henry Diltz, Doris Davidoff, Dave Randall

Although the ship left San Diego at 5 pm January 5th, a lot of folks checked into the Bayside     
Holiday Inn the day before. This left some time to relax, sightsee or spend time with old friends.

In John Stewart and Bob Shane's case, it was a chance to have dinner with founding Kingston
Trio member & friend Nick Reynolds, who lives in the area. They had a fun bon voyage dinner.

Bob, Nick & John

Like "Old Friends" Do

Bob & Nick

Still Crazy After All These Years?

That night, a tropical storm blew through San Diego. Little did we know how rough the seas were 
going to be! But more on that later. Cruise day dawned and we were ready to get on the ship.       
The closer we got, the bigger the Zaandam looked. It's impressive. We were ready to go cruising!!

The Zaandam
The Zaandam

Bob and Bobbie & John and Buffy took time out for
welcome aboard pictures. Hawaii, here we come!!!!

Bob & Bobbie Shane

Bob & Bobbie Shane

John & Buffy Stewart

John & Buffy Stewart

And here we go...

Welcome Aboard The Zaandam

The first order of business was the lifeboat drill. We all  
looked silly! But the lifeboat drill is taken very seriously.

Lifeboat Drill On Zaandam
Bob And Bobbie Shane In Lifejackets

Next came welcome cocktails in the Crow's Nest Lounge. The Crow's Nest is a beautiful
room with a gorgeous view. This picture must have been taken before we all got there!!  

The Crow's Nest Lounge

After the cocktail party and casual night for dinner, we had time to explore the ship.    
The Zaandam is very beautiful, with great art and fabulous fresh flowers throughout.   
The Holland America Line prides itself on such careful attention to the finest detail!     

Zaandam Art

Zaandam Art

Zaandam Art

Zaandam Art

Zaandam Flower

Zaandam Flower

There were beautiful lounges with fabulous views,     
and a great library to check out books, games & dvds

Lounge on the Zaandam
Zaandam Library

Long corridors and lot of stairs!

Zaandam Corridor
Zaandam Stairwell

A great pool area and gorgeous ocean views from the deck...

Zaandam pool deck
Ocean view from Zaandam deck

But why is this deck deserted? Oh yes, that tropical storm...

Zaandam Promenade Deck

Everyone had taken to their rooms, it was hard to walk and a lot were quite seasick!   
The next day was hard. That ship was really moving! Some had it worse than others...

Seasick John Stewart
John Stewart  with nurse

Ugh, I Don't Feel So Good!
Uh Oh! What Are You Going To Do?!

John Stewart getting seasick shot
Bob Shane

Oops, Sorry John. I Feel Great!

The next day dawned smooth and gorgeous and everyone got their sealegs.
This was a very good thing, as it was time for the first Kingston Trio Concert!

The Kingston Trio In Dressing Room
Kingston Trio Cutting Up In Dressing Room

We Know What We're Gonna Do, Right?
Yep, We're Ready!

The Trio started the show with "Cory, Cory" and really got us going. Next came song after      
wonderful song. Bill & Rick did a hilarious rendition of "The Ballad of the Shape of Things."   
And Bob Shane pleased us all by singing "Scotch And Soda" & joining in on "Tom Dooley." 

Kingston Trio Concert
The Kingston Trio Singing Ballad of the Shape of Things

They Got Us Going With "Cory Cory"
"The Ballad Of The Shape Of Things"

Kingston Trio On Zaandam Stage

The Lighting In The Mondrian Lounge Was Really Far Out.
The Room Felt Very Intimate. The Sound Was Great, Too. 

Bob Shane With The Kingston Trio

Bob Shane Takes The Stage

Bob Shane Sings Scotch And Soda
Bob And The Kingston Trio Sing Tom Dooley

"Scotch And Soda" With George & Paul
"Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley "

It was over too soon and we all had to rush to our rooms to get ready for formal night.  
Needless to say, we all cleaned up very well. Bob wore a tie for the first time in years!

Bob And Bobbie Shane On Formal Night

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