“The Kingston Trio is perhaps the most successful folk group in history, and the current lineup attests to the timelessness of their music. Son of founder Nick Reynolds, Josh Reynolds leads the group in a lighthearted and warm rendition of the classic Trio’s songs. They perform just like the original trio did, all singing to one vocal mic in the center of the stage, so close that they are touching guitars! Anyone who grew up with the Kingston Trio’s music will be taking a trip down memory lane, and with their trademarked striped shirts, you will have a hard time not believing you are listening to the original lineup. A very entertaining and quite a night of fine folk music for young and old alike!”

Michael Pritchard, Artistic Director – Yoshi’s Jack London Square – Feb. 9, 2018

Really enjoyed the music video, and hearing of The Kingston Trio’s partnering with Meals on Wheels America. The guys are always doing great things for the Country, and Humanity is very lucky to have them in our World!

Kyle Pulverenti, Senior Programming and Client Services Manager, SAN DIEGO THEATRES, INC.

I think I was the youngest there but it was super neat to hear all of the older people s ing along. They really enjoyed it. Made me super happy to see my grandma happy. I always tell her what shows she needs to see and this has been the only show she told me she needed to see!

Box Office Manager – Cascade Theatre Sep. 29, 2019

Thank you so very much for such an unforgettable night for my dad, his siblings, and kids. We all enjoyed your show, wire to wire. You sounded great and had us laughing often. And y’all were so gracious to Dad. He’s aged considerably the past few years, but he was like a kid last night. The shoutouts and MTA dedication has him on cloud 9. Dad was one heckuva father for Dan Jr, Mariah, and me as we grew up. Was awesome to have such a perfect night for him.

Brian Donovan – Fan – Firehouse Center for the Arts – Newburyport, MA. – Mar. 24, 2019

Your Boise concert took me back 60 years when I started to learn KT songs. I found my self singing Nick’s part to every song performed. The highlight was meeting you, Mike, and Tim. I was the old guy in the green and black stripped shirt. Made me feel young again. Can’t thank you enough.

Brent Weber – June 9, 2018 at 9:48:26 PM, Subject: Boise, ID concert – June 7, 2018

I’m still overjoyed with the results of the concert last night. The guys did such an amazing job working their magic with our audience, we can’t wait to look for another date next year… I can’t praise the group’s energy and quality of show highly enough.

Gregory D. Dunn, President and CEO – Hawaii Theatre Center

The show was amazing and everyone….love it! Kingston Trio is a perfect fit for our crowd and we were just under
being a complete sell out.

Daniel Cauthen, Theatre Manager – Uptown Theatre – Nov. 9, 2019

“It was a fantastic show!! Brought back many memories for those who came to the show”.

Susan G Neville – The Tower Theatre- Venue Agent and Box Office Manager – Fresno, CA. – Feb. 8, 2018

Hi Nikki, just a note to tell you that the guys put on a great show. Our audience just loved them. The trio gave 100%. They received standing O’s.

Jacqueline Volf , Booking Director – Redmond Community Concert Association – Redmond, OR – Oct. 8, 2017

“The authentic connection to the history of the Kingston Trio came shining through in family stories that made for a rich and memorable evening.”

Scott Kenison, Executive Director – Bankhead Theater/Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center – Nov. 17, 2018

It was AMAZING! Just a rock solid show. We all truly enjoyed having the Trio and company here. Just nice guys that are so talented. They delivered a show that was timeless, relevant and engaging. They were just lovely.

Theatre Manager – Tiina Mittler – Haugh Performing Arts Center at Citrus College – Oct. 7, 2018

I saw you at the Birchmere last night and it was wonderful. You keep that music alive in a special, totally committed way. What really blew my mind was that you performed the old-fashioned way – unplugged, using a single mic. Previous successor groups that I have seen, performed in the now-traditional way, stretched out across the stage and independent on their monitors. I have long thought that something was lost When groups stopped blending their sound directly around one mic and I was blown away when you did “I’m Going Home” not one of the more famous Trio numbers, but one of my favorites.

Greg Perett, Fan – The Birchmere, Alexandria, Va. Jan. 27, 2019

BRAVO to The Kingston Trio! These fine gentlemen blew the roof off the Theatre, and the crowd went wild. The music is legendary and the guys are great entertainers. Top notch fun for all generations of music lovers.

Kyle Pulverenti, Programming Manager- San Diego Theatres, Inc. – April 2019

To Mike, Tim, and Don… thanks so much for performing in Newburyport tonight. It was a fantastic show! SOLD OUT!! I have a couple of comments: Paul was superb…Particularly in Scotch and Soda. Voices blended well, energy palpable, and group chemistry “right on”.

Rich Traister – Fan – Firehouse Center for the Arts – Newburyport, MA. – Mar. 24, 2019